Personal firearms being carried into the store:

Upon entry, we will ask to inspect any firearm that is not immediately on your person. (cased, bagged, boxed or otherwise). We encourage lawful and legal open or concealed carry in our store, we only ask that you do not handle, draw or present your carry weapons while on premises, this is hard rule with no exceptions other than lawful self defense.

Do not bring in ANY loaded firearm to drop off.

Do not bring in loose ammunition or loaded magazines in your weapon, range bag or elsewhere, do not remove backup magazines from your person.

Anchor Arms has zero tolerance policy for alcohol consumption/drug use. Any guest who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be prohibited from any activity on our range. To ensure the safety of our guests, persons under the influence will be asked to leave.

We are happy to discuss your concerns, but the safety of clients and employees are of the utmost importance

How much are your transfer fees?

We charge $25 for online transfers, private party and transfers from gun shows. However, on private transfer please contact us PRIOR to shipping those items, we must have an incoming record and provide a copy of our FFL to the seller. Each additional firearm is $20 each. If you’re active military, a vet, fire/ems or police, there is no charge for the first transfer (up to 2 per person/per year). Proof of service/employment is required at the time transfer for the fee waiver.